Remote Learning Plan and Policy:                


Remote Education

Remote Education Additional Guidance – Oak National Academy

Remote Education Action Plan

Remote Education Policy



Drop Off and Collection Arrangements:


Year Group

Arrival Time

Collection Time


Year 3



3JK (Miss Keen) – Keelings Road

 3JB-C (Mrs. Beresford-Copestake) – Keelings Road

3SK (Miss Killick) – Turner Street

3SK (Miss Fryer) – Myatt Street

Year 4



4CC (Miss Clutton) – Keelings Road

4PR (Miss Rogers) – Keelings Road

4SJ (Miss Johnson) – Turner Street

4JW (Miss Wynne) – Myatt Street

Year 5



5HF (Mrs. Fairbairn) – Keelings Road

5CM (Miss Mobley) – Keelings Road

5KE (Mrs. Exintari) – Turner Street

5HC (Miss Craddock) – Myatt Street

Year 6



6AW (Miss Walker) – Keelings Road

6LP (Miss Pate) – Keelings Road

6JB-P (Mr. Bateman-Price) – Turner Street

6CB (Miss Bentley) – Myatt Street
 Recovery Curriculum is in place to ensure that all children feel happy and safe at school and

to restore their ‘love of learning’ following the Coronavirus pandemic.

                   As part of our Recovery Curriculum, our children now take part in 30 minutes structured exercise each day.


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