9 July 2018

Listed below are the lucky attendance lottery winners this week who have all achieved 100% attendance during week commencing Monday 2nd July 2018 - Friday 6th July 2018. All children who achieved 100% attendance this week were entered in to a class lottery draw and have each won £5!!!

All other children who achieved 100% attendance during this period received four dojos each. Well done!!!!


Gryffindor RC - Kelsey G

Gryffindor CD - Emma A

Gryffindor LD - Bartosz M 

Gryffindor GJ - Lily P

Hufflepuff AB - Logan B

Hufflepuff AC  - Raheem Y

Hufflepuff RM - Matilda K

Hufflepuff JWy - Hollie F 

Ravenclaw JWo - Bethann E 

Ravenclaw SC - James O 

Ravenclaw LS - Emily D 

Ravenclaw MF - Sev T 

Slytherin HJ - Henry H 

Slytherin CB - Isaac M 

Slytherin HC - Ahmed A

Slytherin HF - Maddie H