2 February 2018

Mrs Machin’s Principal’s Blog 2/2/18

Welcome to the second issue of the Grove weekly blog!

It really is lovely to be able to share with you the exciting events and news from Grove alongside details around all of the learning opportunities that the children are part of.

In English this week Year 3 Gryffindor have been busy writing buddy letters to the Year 2 children at our community infant schools! I can’t believe how time flies and that we are at this point in the year already but we are all really excited to get to know them and welcome them to Grove! The main focus of our letters has been around writing paragraphs, but the children have tried to include lots of writing features in their letters like fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and grown up Year 3 punctuation! They can’t wait to get a reply! In guided reading, dictionary skills have been a focus with the children locating and reading the definitions of words. This will also support their writing progress too. In Maths, they have been continuing with fractions, using practical equipment to find fractions of objects and also working out fractions of amounts using pictures. In Science the children have been designing and evaluating fossils and have been fascinated about where fossils would be found and describing what they look like.

It has been another busy week across Hufflepuff. In English the children have been learning to use persuasive language in order to strengthen their case for Omri to reveal the truth about his toy Indian! They have really enjoyed this and realised how useful persuasive language can be – watch out at home for them using their powers of persuasion!! After starting a new topic at the beginning of the year, the children found themselves playing detectives as they sought to investigate the terrible fate that befell Julius Caesar. Luckily, they had plenty of evidence and were able to make a range of deductions and justify their reasons for making an accusation.  In maths, children have been embedding their knowledge of multiplying using a written method. There was a MAGICAL buzz around all of the Year 4 classrooms as children used a range of resources to support their learning.

Ravenclaw, Year 5 have been working very hard towards providing extra evidence for this week's assessment point. The children have used their wonderful imaginations to develop their own narrative. The children developed some exciting and engaging ideas and showcased the skills they have been learning in Year 5 so far including: parenthesis; relative clauses; and speech. A job well done indeed! In Maths this week, they have tackled a wide range of mathematical concepts in order to show off their mastery of mathematical concepts taught. Finally, in Creative this week, Year 5 have been digging deeper into their Greek topic by learning about the human geography of Greece including: settlements; transport links; economics; and energy resources. The teachers are always impressed to see and hear about research that the children have done at home too.

I am extremely proud of Year 6 as they have had a challenging week experiencing their first glimpse of structured SATs papers in reading and maths. Though they can be daunting at first, exposing them to them in the spring term ensures that when they take their tests, they are used to the look and format of the papers. They really are working hard in their English and Maths learning in Year 6; I couldn’t be prouder of their MAGIC attitudes to learning! As for their topic learning, they have had the opportunity to begin painting their own example of Henri Rousseau. They have explored a range of techniques that include: stippling, dry brush, layering and dabbing. In addition to this, they have mixed paint to create colours that suit the style of the artist. We have some very talented artists and look forward to displaying their work very soon. Year 6 have also begun their PSHE work on our new DOT COM scheme which will further the children's understanding of principles that underpin British Values and our society; this week, they have been introduced to the main characters (all of which are based on the real-life experiences of the authors). I will keep you updated on the important issues that are covered so that you can reinforce the learning at home too. In science, the children have researched the theory of evolution and the work produced by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. They have developed an understanding of natural selection and how organisms have adapted in order to survive in their habitats.

I also want to share about the children’s learning in French. The children tell me that this is one of their favourite subjects in school and Madame Barratt is amazed by their enthusiasm and progress.  Having mastered how to tell someone when their birthday is, Year 3 Gryffindor are now moving on to learning numbers beyond 12 and also colours. Year 4 Hufflepuff have been learning how to say the days of the week. They have even had a ‘multilingual’ lesson where they spotted patterns between the days of the week in 10 different languages! They worked out that lots of French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian words come from Latin, which was used in Roman times. How interesting! Not only can Year 5 Ravenclaw talk about the Solar System in English, they can now name the planets in French! They have been using adjectives to describe the planets. They are tricky enough in English and are certainly not easy to use in French. Year 6 are becoming quite the experts. They can now explain what French people call the three meals of the day and also the sorts of food and drink they have at those mealtimes. Ask them to share their learning with you at family mealtimes this weekend.

Madame Barratt’s Spanish Club is also very popular and enjoyed by all. The children have Spanish names while they are there. Oh…..I forgot Madame Barratt is actually Señora Barratt in Tuesday Spanish Club! This week the children learned how to tell someone how they are feeling and even danced the Cucuracha! What lucky children to have the opportunity to learn two languages in Key Stage 2.

I look forward to updating you next week again but for now ‘Adiós’ and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Machin