9 February 2018

Mrs Machin's Principal's Blog 09.02.18

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Grove weekly blog! This week the children have learned all about staying safe on the internet during our ‘Safer Internet Day’. There were all kinds of interesting activities taking place throughout school but the main serious message of using the internet safely was made clear to the children. There were some hard hitting messages for the children, but they were all very grown up about the conversations and were all very engaged.  The internet is a fantastic resource for our children but we also need them to be aware of the dangers and how to avoid them.

Year 3 have had a fantastic week! The teachers have told me that swimming this week was amazing, and it was like watching a shoal of fish, well done year 3 - your confidence has grown immensely! It is so lovely to see the children build on the previous weeks’ skills to master swimming. The children have continued to work on fractions in maths; they are now finding non-unit fractions of numbers and objects. Fractions can sometimes be a tricky concept to understand and we are all very proud of how the children are applying their skills to show variation around fractions. The children applied their learning from Safer Internet Day to write a wonderful letter of advice to a buddy! #createconnectandsharerespect. Well done year 3! Keep up the good work!

In Hufflepuff this week, the children have continued to up level their piece of persuasive writing to include a range of techniques such as rhetorical questions. Ask your child what these are and why we use them. In maths, the children have moved on to using the short method for multiplication and have applied their understanding through missing number problems, true/false questions and number investigations – this has helped them to secure, through application, their understanding of the skill, well done Year 4, what clever mathematicians you are becoming!  As part of ‘Safer Internet Day’, the children have created bar charts to represent class data for online use- they then used their understanding to write advice columns for online safety issues. 

What another super week the children have had in Ravenclaw. In English, children have been really enthused using the class text "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" to start to plan their newspaper report based around a fight scene with one of our hero's assassins - the Minotaur! They are really looking forward to reporting on this next week. In Maths, children have been challenged in their understanding of multiplication. Short and long methods of multiplication have been attempted by the children as they used a range of concrete and pictorial approaches to help them strengthen their understanding (this will continue into next week) – this can be a tricky concept so keep focused Year 5! You can do it! Another large focus this week has been the children's work around online safety through our ‘Safer Internet Day’. Children engaged well in a mature manner and took part in a range of activities to consolidate the message that internet safety is vital! The children were able to articulate clearly the dangers of the internet; what to do if they felt uncomfortable or in danger; and how – they themselves - could make the internet a happier, safer place! #ItStartsWithUs


This week in year 6, there has been a real focus on developing dialogue in narrative writing. The children have been developing their understanding of speech rules and have been practising them in their own written sentences. As the week has progressed, they have begun to use these in their applied writing based on the text 'The Jungle Book'.  In Maths, the children have been focusing on finding factors of numbers and have begun to find common factors. Throughout the week, they have used this understanding to solve a range of problem-solving activities. In Topic work, the focus has been on E-safety, the children have recognised the dangers of the internet and the precautions they must take in order to remain safe.  In addition to this, more work on evolution has been completed in science and the children have focused on sharing their research surrounding the work of Darwin and Russell. The presentations produced by the children were very informative and it is clear that year 6 have enjoyed learning about this topic in science.

Another exciting week of learning opportunities and experiences draws to a close! The weeks are flying by so fast but they say that time flies when you are having fun! The children and staff here at Grove certainly have lots of purposeful fun!

Wishing you a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone bright and breezy on Monday morning.


Mrs Machin