The role of the Local Governing Body (LGB) is determined by the Scheme of Delegation and is set out in the Governance Handbook.   Link Governors have specific responsibilities for different areas of work within the schools and they:

  • Liaise with the appropriate member(s) of staff
  • Visit the school with the purpose of gathering information concerning their area of responsibility and to increase their knowledge of the School
  • Regularly report to the Local Governing Body, the Link Trustee or, whichever the LGB deems most appropriate, on developments/Progress within their area of responsibility
  • Raise the profile of the area of responsibility when related matters are considered by the LGB
  • Attend training as appropriate
  • Monitor the work of the school via action plans and evaluations and
  • Any items which individual governing bodies may wish to include

The ESPRIT Multi Academy Trust has one Local Governing Board consisting of the following Governors

Alison Moore – Chair of Local Governing Body

Michelle Chadwick – Trustee and Vice Chair of Local Governing Body

Maxine Baddeley

Shirley Carrigan

Yvonne Glaister

Katie Dixon

Dionne Wiltshaw

Verity Caddy

Governor Documents

Contact address for the Chair of Governors:

Alison Moore 

Esprit Multi Academy Trust

Keelings Road


Stoke on Trent