Blog w.e 16.2.18


Welcome to the final blog of the half term. I can’t believe that we are already half way through the school year! It’s been as busy as ever and full of exciting learning opportunities for the children at Grove. We are all very proud of how hard the children and staff work and I know that you are too. This week we have held our parent’s evening - it is always a pleasure to see you all and talk to you about your child’s progress and happiness. I’m sure that you will agree that our School Council were fantastic hosts. They captured pupil voice and understanding on keeping safe throughout the evening. Thank-you for completing the parent/carer e-safety questionnaires; they will help us to plan opportunities to support you in ensuring that your children know how to keep themselves safe. Thank you for your ongoing support and for all of your kind words about our highly committed staff and for your honesty about what we can do to improve further. Mrs Blackhurst is looking forward to setting up a Parent Forum and volunteer team in school following the evening feedback too – how exciting!


Here are my updates about this week’s learning:

Year 3 Gryffindor have been applying their fractions knowledge in different contexts this week and they are becoming confident in explaining why and how which is fantastic. The children have also been writing recounts using their class text about Stig and Barney's first encounter in the deep, dark chalk pit – their recounts have been wonderful to read and it has been so pleasing to see children applying a variety of skills in their applied writes – what clever children we have in Year 3! Also, children have been designing their own 3D Stonehenge which will form part of our display around the academy. The children can't wait to get ‘stuck’ into the PVA glue and make them!


Year 4 have also had a busy last week writing a newspaper report on the vicious murder of the Roman Emperor: Julius Caesar. In reading, they took on the role of journalists to summarise the key points from the event and develop the skill of note taking which is a tricky skill to master. They then wrote their own dramatic recounts of the event using a range of fronted adverbials and apostrophes for possession. In maths, the children have developed their understanding of commutativity and factors, using these to build their problem solving skills. In science, Year 4 have looked at the components of an electrical circuit and have been testing their own circuits to see which would and would not light a bulb. Can you work with your child to find examples of circuits in the home?


As Ravenclaw come to the end of another term, the children have produced pleasing work that evidences the strong and substantial progress needed. In English, the children have now written their newspaper report based around a fight scene from "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". Children have reported an attack from a bull-like creature (the Minotaur) and question whether this is the start of a greater invasion of the supernatural - the children have loved reading this book and will continue with this until the end of term. Have they got a copy at home? Maybe they could visit a library and borrow a copy? In maths, children have continued to develop their understanding of long multiplication and are developing well in their use of the method which has been great to see. The children have had also enjoyed their poetry learning this half term. They have been reciting and learning about different types of poetry including limericks and traditional poems such as 'The Witches' Spell' from Shakespeare's Macbeth - ask your child to recite a poem for you, you will be impressed!


There has been a focus on PHSE this week for Year 5 and Year 6 during our 'Values Vs. Violence' topic which was presented in an assembly by our PSCO and Governor: M.Chadwick. The children reflected on the negative impact that gang culture and weapons can have on our local community and beyond. There is no doubt that the children were intrigued and at times shocked by the information given; evidently, they learned a lot.


In Year 6 in English and Maths, SATs preparation has continued and the children are now engaging in challenging, focussed teaching and learning that will enable all children to showcase their very best in May. Mr Jones and my other Year 6 teachers assure me that they can already see the impact of this and Mrs Morrall, my Deputy Principal for Teaching, Learning and Assessment is working closely with the team too. In the afternoon, topic, science and PE etc are continuing to ensure that the children still access a broad and balanced curriculum. Adaptation has been the focus in science this week and the children have considered how the cactus has adapted to surroundings in order to survive. In addition to this, the year group has considered the impacts of deforestation in relation to the themed topic: 'Into the Forest'.


As I sign off for the half term, I would like to thank-you, once again, for your support in Grove’s development journey. Positive partnerships really do impact on our improving provision and outcomes. Have a lovely and relaxing half term and I look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 26th February.


Mrs Machin