Blog w/e 20.04.18


Welcome back to the summer term! I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break. It has been great to see everyone back and keen to learn! As usual, it has been a busy learning week.


The focus of our Safety Week has been ‘sun safety’. Very apt, as I’m sure you would agree! The children have learned why the sun is so dangerous and strategies that can keep them safe during hot weather. It's ‘safe’ to say that the children have had experience of using and applying these strategies regularly this week!

What a brilliant start to the term the children have had in Gryffindor. They have returned with positive attitudes towards their work and new topic; ‘Wild at heart’. They have enjoyed reading their new text and have begun using it in their English lessons to help plan their own newspaper report based on a real life tsunami. Researching natural disasters has been fascinating and the children have been very mature when talking about how devastating they can be. In maths, children have been learning about measuring and comparing lengths. I’ve heard that there are some very long feet and some very short feet in Year 3; I do hope they weren’t too ticklish!


It has been an interesting return to the summer term in Year 4 as they have been called upon to investigate a sighting of a strange creature in school. Many clues have been left, including fur, a wing feathers, scratch marks and foot prints. Luckily, Year 4 are an inquisitive bunch and are enjoying the challenge of identifying the visiting creature! The children are very excited and have been visiting my office to check that I am safe. They even found a nest and eggs on my cupboard! I hope they solve the mystery quickly! There's also a buzz in the Year 4 classrooms about the new book they are studying; ‘The Story of the Blue Planet’. Already, children have been discussing their opinions and speculating about what might happen.


Staff in Ravenclaw have been delighted to welcome Year 5 back after a well-earned break and are looking forward to challenging children throughout what should be an exciting summer term. In English Ravenclaw have started to work on their new text - Lewis Carroll's curious and intriguing 'Alice in Wonderland'. The children have started to develop their initial ideas about the mysterious book and have also started to compose a character and setting description. In maths, Year 5 have continued their work with fractions by consolidating their knowledge of adding and starting to move on to demonstrating their understanding of subtraction. Finally, in science, the children have started to learn about their new topic (Materials) by exploring properties using mystery 'feely-bags' and comparing and contrasting them.


Year 6 are eager and ready for the final push towards SATs. Thank-you for your support at home over the holidays; we can really see where there has been a healthy balance between holiday fun and homework support J. In their spelling, grammar and punctuation sessions, the children have been learning about subjective verb forms and passive verbs as well as building on their understanding of determiners and pronouns. They have applied these skills to test format questions but have also had the opportunity to apply their skills by writing setting descriptions. These will lead into next week's work since the children will be working towards writing their own narrative text. In maths, the year group has covered a range of mathematical units: multiplying fractions and mixed numbers; subtracting fractions; finding percentages of a number; labelling co-ordinates on a quadrant grid; and finding the perimeter and area of composite shapes. Then, in reading, they have been working on a variety of skills by applying their understanding to different SATs based reading texts and reflecting on their answers afterwards to improve and up-level their work. Keep up the good work year 6! I am very proud of you and your teachers!


As I end my weekly update, I would like to thank my staff who give their time to ensure that our fantastic range of after school clubs can be offered to the children. Those who attended the ‘Club Showcase’ this week agreed that the talents displayed were amazing! A HUGE thank-you to Miss Woolridge, our PE Leader, who also leads on enrichment after school activities and made sure that the event was fantastic!


I hope that you all have a happy and sunny (hopefully) weekend!


Mrs Machin